Routine Cleanings, Fluoride, & Desensitizing

Routine Cleanings

A routine cleaning is preventive in nature and is generally needed every 6 months to maintain a healthy mouth. During this appointment your doctor will do a thorough oral cancer exam to detect any abnormalities and examine the teeth for cavities. In addition your hygienist will do a periodontal screening to assess the gums and supporting bone for signs of infection and inflammation. Your cleaning may include a combination of an ultrasonic scaler in addition to hand scalers. X-rays are recommended at one year intervals to check for cavities and gum disease not detectable by only a visual exam.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is an application of a professional strength fluoride product to the tooth surface. This treatment helps patients who experience sensitivity from exposed root surfaces and is great for people who are at higher risk for cavities because of diet, medications, or who are unable to perform good brushing, flossing and other home care regularly. Fluoride treatments are an important decay preventive for children and adults alike.

Desensitizing Treatment

This is a quick, painless procedure that involves applying a product to sensitive areas of your teeth and then is "bonded" to those surfaces by a special blue curing light. This procedure can be done in as little as 5 minutes and can have results up to a year.


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