Crown and Bridge Promise

People always ask us “How long should this last?” In our office we strive for perfection and satisfaction, which is why we are happy to provide you with this promise. In today’s technology, almost everything we have learned is on the preventive side. Instead of going to the dentist every few years for “Drill, Fill and Bill”, we advocate preventive dentistry. If you spend four to five minutes in the morning and four to five minutes in the evening brushing, flossing, and doing any other special treatments your dentist and hygienist have recommended, and you let the dentist or hygienist professionally clean your teeth, check for decay, apply fluoride treatment, or apply sealants, you can prevent most disease. This is why our promise will be null and void if we don’t see you for regular 6-month check-ups. With 6 month check-ups, your teeth and gums are winners!

  • For a period of 5 years from the date of service, we will refund the cost of the charges accrued at our office for a crown or bridge due to breakage, misfit, or decay towards a replacement for that crown or bridge.* The refund will be applied at the time that the replacement is being delivered. Please keep in mind that this promise does not include charges accrued at other dental or specialist offices. This does not include situations like accidents (i.e. auto wreck) that would also break a regular tooth.
  • This promise is null and void if the patient does not maintain 6 month (plus or minus 30 days) continuing care cleaning appointments.

*If your porcelain crown chips in the first 5 years, we will replace it for free. However, if it chips after the 5-year period it would cost you the regular fee for a new crown.

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